2023 Update: Time to celebrate the team and our achievements

2023 Update: Time to celebrate the team and our achievements

Saptarshi Nath

Saptarshi Nath


Dec 21, 2023

Automate your internal reports

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Hi, I’m Saps—cofounder and CEO at Airboxr. You’ve probably seen a lot of content from me already, but this one is different. This is about the team that makes Airboxr what it is!

Airboxr helps growing DTC brands automate their internal data collection and analysis right within their spreadsheets. And the team acts as an extension of your own. The Airboxr team works closely with brands to understand their pain-points and design the right automated analysis for them… and makes them available to all other users, so they can benefit too.

This year we launched publicly on the Shopify App Store, after working with 10 brands to help build out our initial set of automated reports. Even with hundreds of stores connected, our journey is still incredibly early.

We started to ask users for money to start out price-discovery exercise. Are we rich yet? lol, no.

We launched a lot of very exciting automations that showcase the evolution of the product. Like most other analytics companies, we started out with marketing use-cases—consolidating data from ad channels and Shopify to create weekly reports that every DTC marketer is familiar with. Then we moved on to:

  • Customer segmentation—creating customer segments based on their order behavior, conducting an RFM analysis, and finding at-risk customers.

  • Product analysis—measuring product sales performance over time, market-basket analysis, and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Operational performance measurement—identifying the performance of your 3PL partners, warehouse ship-outs, and inventory movements.

You can check out our 100+ automated reports in more detail here. Every one of these reports has been created in collaboration with a fast-growing DTC brands somewhere in the world—from Australia, Singapore, India, the UK, Germany, and the U.S.

Our core is automated reports, but I’m also very proud of all the other improvements we’ve made, I’ll only mention a few below:

  • Introduced workspacesWorkspaces allowed brands and agencies to set up a separate space for each brand. We never imagined we’d see so many single-brand stores running multiple Shopify instances. Now a third of our accounts have added multiple workspaces.

  • Launched Airboxr AI—We spent a lot of time experimenting with the right ways to use AI. We know our audience is to smart to fall for gimmicky use-cases. When we launched AI in the middle of the year, we didn’t use it to analyze the data because (at the time) it was accurate only 80% of the times. That wasn’t good enough. So we used AI to help interpret the data and identify specific action-steps that businesses should take.

  • Launched our new and improved website—We moved our website to Framer and couldn’t be happier. Better design and faster load times ftw!

  • Launched our personalized dashboarding service—The great thing about our spreadsheet focus is that you can convert the analysis into dashboards… conversely, you can’t convert dashboards into their raw data! As an added service, we invested time and effort designing Looker dashboards for our customers that meet their specific requirements.

Automate your Shopify reports.

Automate your Shopify reports.

Automate your Shopify reports.

Midway through the year, we noticed that while we had users from the U.S. sign up and use the product, they weren’t exactly chatty with us. We didn’t know why they signed up, what problem they were trying to solve, and what they expected from us.

So we went to the U.S. (and Canada!).

We partnered with our friends at Recharge, ShippingChimp, and AIdaptive to host events in Toronto and New York where we met exciting people from the DTC ecosystem.

Back in Singapore, we continued our close partnership with ChocoUp to host the local ecosystem.

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As always, we worked closely with a small group of our users to delight them before going out to get more users. We helped:

Fun fact! On an average, our users schedule 2 reports for each of their stores to run daily. But the highest number of reports scheduled is 43! That’s a whopping 6700 hours saved per year. Or in other words, a full time analyst’s job.

What about 2024?

We will focus on scaling our service to a lot more brands around the world. Our automations are at a place where we can serve over 80% of a brand’s revenue and marketing use-cases. So we want to bring that to more brands.

With that goal, I’m also very excited to announce our next integration: Amazon Seller Central. If you’re on Shopify and also sell on Amazon Seller Central, sign up for early access and get your first month free.

In 2024, you will also see more AI-powered customized workflows and advice. We will continue to work closely with our users and customers to understand their needs and help them make data-driven decisions without changing the way they work. We’re excited for the year ahead!

Saptarshi Nath

About the Author

Saptarshi is the CEO at Airboxr. He is a former VC, DTC entrepreneur, and consultant. He works closely with other DTC founders to help them identify the right data for their decision-making.

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