How Hayley Menzies designs product marketing strategies with Airboxr

Hayley Menzies uses Airboxr to automate its existing product sales reports. The company also leverages Airboxr to predict when styles are reaching saturation.

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London, UK

Fashion & Apparel


What is Hayley Menzies?

Hayley Menzies is a London-based contemporary luxury label specializing in silk and knitwear. Starting in 2011 as a stall in Portobello Market, Hayley's creations earned her a fast and loyal following of stylish women who inspired her to set up her brand.

The Problem

Difficulty in identifying customers' preferences to drive product strategy.

The Hayley Menzies team needed a way to track product sales and understand customer preferences. They also needed a way to estimate when a style is going out of fashion. Their e-commerce platform, Shopify, had product sales data but not in a consumable format.

Too much data

Tough to analyze

As a business that regularly launches new product collections, the team needed to understand whether the customers they were driving to their website were more motivated to shop the new products, sale items, or their evergreen collection. This helps them refine marketing messages and speak to their most valuable target audience.

The Solution

Automated precision reports that combine data together to answer specific questions.

Hayley Menzies needed an easy way to understand how products were selling across their online and offline stores, over time. The team needed precise deep dives on these reports to make sales and inventory decisions. Airboxr helped import and analyze the data into consumable formats on Google Spreadsheets and Looker Studio dashboards.

Airboxr’s automated reports helped the Hayley Menzies team answer very specific queries about their product sales:

How are our product sales trending over time?

Which sales channels drive sales?

What is the lifecycle of various products?

How many styles do we sell at a marked down price?

How do we segregate gift items from sales?

Standardized product sales reports on Google Spreadsheets.

Airboxr imported product-sales data from Shopify, transformed it for analysis, and delivered product sales reports into Google Spreadsheets for review.

Complex visualizations on Looker Studio.

Fully analyzed data on Google Spreadsheets were connected to Looker Studio to help visualize the output to help with faster decision-making.

Automatic updates on a daily cadence.

Airboxr runs the analysis every day and updates the results—accounting for cancellations, returns, and refunds.

How Airboxr helps Hayley Menzies identify the core drivers of customer interest.

The Hayley Menzies team uses Airboxr to identify which SKUs sell more—discounted items or new launches. This helps them identify and categorize customers into deal-seekers and loyal fans.

We did not have specialised reporting set up, anything that was created previously was inconsistent and unreliable. Airboxr allowed us to streamline this and review data in an uncomplicated way that made sense.

Amanda Fullalove

E-Commerce Manager

The Impact

Faster insights. Better decisions.

By putting critical business data front and center, Airboxr is able to improve the quality and speed of decision-making.

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