How Cookd plans post-purchase marketing flows with Airboxr

Cookd, a CPG company based in India, uses Airboxr to create and analyze customer segments. The company then runs marketing flows that are customized to the needs of each segment.

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What is cookd?

An emerging tech-driven consumer brand, Cookd offers a unique and delicious cooking experience through its products, app, and recipe collection. The company started in 2020, and has grown an audience of over 3 million social media followers over the past three years, with over 2000 recipes listed on the website.

The Problem

Not knowing what products to promote to which customers

When planning their post-purchase marketing flows, Cookd wanted to know what products they should be cross-selling to which customers. At the time of analysis, they had 14 products listed on their website, and were promoting 19 different combinations of products. They needed to understand popular combinations of products that could be promoted together.

With Cookd, the barrier wasn't simply the time or effort it would take to find the answers—existing reports on Shopify or other tools were simply not enough to slice the data in the right way. It was also essential to automate the report in a way that ongoing analysis was easier and products could be automatically promoted to customers through Whatsapp and e-mail.

The Solution

Design highly defined customer segments based on purchase behavior

Cookd was able to identify opportunities for cross-selling as well as creating new bundles using Airboxr Hops. Airboxr helped Cookd identify product-pairs that should be bundled together. Further, Airboxr helped automatically create a list of customers who purchased only one of the products to cross-sell the additional product retroactively to this audience.

As a powerful automated analysis tool, Airboxr allowed Cookd to run complicated analysis, such as the Market Basket Analysis, on all their store order data in one click. This saves Cookd from needing a data analyst to do the work manually. Specifically two automated reports were key to Cookd:

Frequently Bought Together, which uses a Market Basket Analysis, to determine cross-sell and bundling opportunities.

Buyers by SKU to identify customers who have purchased a specific product, and promote complementary products to the audience.

Multi-source data import through APIs.

Airboxr imported data from Shopify, ad channels, and email platforms.

Data transformation and analysis.

Airboxr analyzes the imported data and prepares it for delivery.

Automatic delivery on spreadsheets.

Airboxr delivers the data into the spreadsheet the team already uses.

How Airboxr helps Cookd identify key customers for outbound marketing.

The Cookd team uses Airboxr to identify which customers had purchased certain SKUs that had been identified in the Frequently Bought Together Hop to personalise promotional campaigns.

The Frequently Bought Together Hop is very useful for us in our in-house outbound marketing efforts, so we can tell customers of the [Fried Chicken Kit], why don’t you try our [Madras 65]. We use the Buyers by SKU Hop to get a list of customers that we use in outbound marketing.

Gokulraj G.K.

Head of Growth

The Impact

Specific insights that drive revenue actions.

Shopify already tracks exhaustive data to help make better business decisions. By making that data accessible, Airboxr enabled the Cookd team to make a positive revenue impact.

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