Get automated revenue and operation reports from Shopify.

With our Shopify integration, you will be able to export and sync sales reports, operation reports, and product sales reports with a single click. Airboxr also helps you schedule your reports, so you never miss the important data needed to make business-critical decisions.

Import and analyze your data within spreadsheets.

Create dashboards that magically update.

Explore 50+ automated Shopify reports.

How to use this integration.

  • Track your store's sales over time.

  • Analyze how the sales of specific products move over time.

  • Download your orders and delivery reports into a spreadsheet with a single click.

  • Measure how fast your delivery and shipper partners perform.

  • Measure sales from new- and repeat-customers.

  • Identify which campaigns led to each order.

  • Track your gross profit and profit on ad spend over time.

  • Combine your Shopify sales with your Amazon store.

Frequently Asked Questions

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