Review the locations your customers come from

Review the locations your customers come from

Hop Designer

Shubham Kaushal


Customer, Revenue

This report provides information on the sales performance of your store by location. It includes details on the number of customers, orders, and revenue generated in specific countries, regions, or cities within the specified time period.

You can build segment reports on specific locations or sales criteria (number of customers, orders, and spend) and schedule to monitor targeted geographical growth efforts.


How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Geographic Market Analysis: This analysis provides valuable insights into which geographic markets are thriving, which ones have significant customer engagement and revenue generation potential, and which ones may require targeted marketing or operational adjustments.

  2. Customer Segmentation: Understanding where customers are concentrated enables more effective targeting of marketing campaigns. Use in tandem with the Customer Segment Builder Hop, which is a great way to get a list of customers based on their location. This can be used for tailored promotions, advertisements, and product offerings.

  3. Operational Efficiency: The report aids in operational efficiency by providing insights into the geographic distribution of orders. Stores can optimize fulfillment processes, shipping strategies, and logistics partnerships based on the demand patterns identified in different locations. This contributes to cost-effective and timely order fulfillment. These metrics can be monitored using Fulfilment Export, Shipper Performance, Shipout Performance, and Delivery Performance Hops.

In This Report


  • Customers

  • Orders to date

  • Total spent to date

Grouped By

  • Country

  • Region

  • City

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