Specially designed for Amazon brands

Amazon sales intelligence delivered to your spreadsheets.

Track Amazon sales data, measure product sales performance, and analyze profitability right within your spreadsheets. Airboxr imports, analyzes, and delivers the data to your Google sheets seamlessly. No more downloading CSV files.

Powerful analysis at your fingertips

Smart reports for all your needs

Measure product performance with a single click.

Get an analysis of your product sales on Amazon, delivered right into your spreadsheets.

Analyze your Amazon fees.

Export the breakdown of all your Amazon fees, measure your profitability, and build a sustainable business. It starts with a single click.

Centralize all your marketing metrics for easy access.

Get AOV, LTV, CPA, ROAS, and more at your fingertips. Never go searching for an important metric again.

Insights in less than 2 minutes

Step 1


Connect your Shopify store and ad platforms

No coding, just login.

Step 2


Pick a smart report

Select from a range of pre-built smart reports. Never download a CSV again!

Step 3


Get immediate insights

Airboxr pulls your data, analyses your campaigns and gives you insights right away.

Insights in less than 2 minutes


Combine data from all your sources

Answers to key questions are spread across all your data sources. Airboxr imports, standardizes, and analyzes data from multiple sources to create your automated reports.

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Get your Amazon insights now.

Try it now

Get your Amazon insights now.