Supercharge your TikTok marketing decisions with automated reports.

With our TikTok integration, you will be able to export your key marketing metrics in order to track your TikTok ads performance data with a single click. Airboxr also helps you schedule your reports, so you never miss the important data needed to make business-critical decisions.

Import and analyze your data within spreadsheets.

Create dashboards that magically update.

Explore 15+ automated TikTok Ads reports.

How to use this integration.

  • Track your key ad performance metrics over time.

  • Analyze how much revenue your ads are generating over time.

  • Review the conversion performance of each ad at each stage of the purchase funnel.

  • Identify how your ads performs in different regions.

  • Compare your TikTok ROAS with other ad channels like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

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