Export a detailed report of your inventory

Export a detailed report of your inventory



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on the Shopify App Store

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14-day free trial

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This report is a detailed inventory export of your SKUs. It contains information such as ID, SKU, SKU image, Product Variant SKU image, price, quantity, inventory value, compare at price, product description, product status, product vendor, product type, tags, weight, size, and color. This report provides all the necessary information to make informed decisions about inventory management and product strategies.

Inventory value is determined by the cost of your items, or the price you are selling them at, whichever is lower. For example, if your item unit cost is $5 and you sell it at $10, for 100 units the inventory value is $500. If your item unit cost is $5 and you sell it at $2, for 100 units the inventory value is $200. The snapshot will show inventory value at the time of reporting. These calculations are done following GAAP standards.

All this information can also be used as report filters, giving you the ability to create inventory segments to track by scheduling reports.


How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Inventory Visibility and SKU Information: The report provides a comprehensive view of the inventory, including SKU details, product images, variant images, prices, quantities, and inventory values. This information gives a clear understanding of current stock levels and reviews pricing details. This aids in making informed decisions about stock availability and ensuring pricing accuracy.

  2. Price and Discount Strategy: Analyzing the report allows businesses to refine their pricing and discount strategies. By understanding the current prices, and compare at prices, and quantities available for each SKU, stores can make data-driven decisions on pricing adjustments, discounts, or promotional campaigns. To access the sales performance of your marked-down products, you can use the Marked-down vs. Full Price Hop.

  3. Inventory Value Assessment: The inventory value information in the report helps businesses evaluate their stock's overall value. This evaluation assists in understanding the potential financial impact of the current inventory. You can also monitor the sales performance of products using the Product Sales Performance and Product Sales Performance over Time Hops.

  4. Inventory Segmentation and Tracking: Utilizing the information as report filters, e-commerce businesses can create inventory segments based on specific criteria. This segmentation enables targeted tracking of products, allowing businesses to monitor the performance of specific product categories, brands, or attributes.

In This Report

Additional parameters

  • ID

  • SKU

  • Barcode

  • Product Featured Image URL

  • Product Variant Image URL

  • Price

  • Inventory Quantity

  • Inventory Value

  • Compare At Price

  • Variant Title

  • Product Title

  • Product Status

  • Product Description

  • Product Tags

  • Product Type

  • Custom Product Type

  • Product Vendor

  • Product Store URL

  • Requires Shipping

  • Taxable

  • Weight

  • Title

  • Availability

  • Gift Card Value

  • Size

  • Lead Time

  • Type

  • Colour

  • Variant

  • Frame

  • Style

  • Color

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