How do I manage multiple stores on one account?

Workspaces, explained.

Salima Nadira

May 30, 2023


If you own multiple stores or work with them as an agency, you may want to manage all the stores on one account for convenient access.

The benefit of having multiple stores under one account is that you only log in once to Airboxr and you can see all your data for each of your stores in the same place. You can manage each store under a separate Workspace.

To manage multiple stores on one Airboxr account, use separate Workspaces for each store, allowing for convenient access and data management in one place. You can invite clients as team members to a Workspace or set up individual accounts for clients to manage their own stores and subscriptions.​

I am using Airboxr for my client, but also want to give them access to my workspace. How do I do that?

If you linked your client's Shopify store on your Airboxr account and want to give the client access, you can invite them as a team member. This means that you will be the workspace owner and manage the subscription. To add multiple users to the same workspace, you must be on the Startup Plan or higher.

I am helping my client set up Airboxr for themselves to use. How should I best do this?

Your client needs to log in to Airboxr using their own account, then they will own their workspace which they will connect their store to. The subscriptions would be managed by your client.

Note: if the Shopify store is already connected to an Airboxr account, anyone else trying to connect to it will be prompted to join the original user's workspace. To change the owner, please reach out to the team through the in-app chat or at