How do I create a custom report?

Here's how you can get started.

Afe Mevhare

Jun 5, 2024

Getting Started

Airboxr was built in consideration of being used for custom reporting, which is why we already have 120+ hops (curated automated reports) to help answer certain questions in specific areas of your e-commerce business across revenue, marketing, and operation functions.

In most cases, we already have an automated report (Hop) that can satisfy your request for any custom report you have in mind by just using the customizable options or combining reports.

Some of our most popular inquiries are typically:

How do I group my report by day, week, month, or year?

Thanks to the flexibility of spreadsheets, you can typically re-group any reports with a daily date dimension into any of these other date dimensions. We recommend creating a pivot table from our report and customizing the report to the dimension and your preferred format.

How do I filter my reports?

Before running an automated report, click the Customize button and select the filters you need. If we don’t already have that filter available, ping us on the in-app chat.

I already have an existing report. Can I automate that instead?

Yes you can. Send us your reporting template and we’ll advise you on how we can get it automated.

How do I combine multiple Shopify store / ad account reports into one?

We recommend using the QUERY() function to combine each store’s/ad account report into a single report. This way, the final sheet will always be populated with the latest data from the source sheets. If you are not familiar with the QUERY function, you can read our guide, use ChatGPT to help or reach out to us to help.

I’m looking to do something more complicated. Can the Airboxr team help me?

Sure thing! We’re proficient with handling data, and have been working with many clients on their data infrastructure. Contact us to talk about your specific requirements.

Airboxr offers over 120 automated reports (Hops) to address various e-commerce business needs, allowing for customization and combining of reports. Users can group, filter, combine and automate reports, and the Airboxr team is available to assist with more complex data requirements.

For more ideas on how Airboxr can help you, check out our use cases.

To get suggestions on which Hops to use, try our in-app AI assistant, or ping us on the in-app chat.

For more hands-on assistance, check out our paid services.