google sheet integrations

A single add-on to supercharge your GSheets.

Two minutes to get started

Connect your Google spreadsheet to any data source and conduct your analysis 10X faster.

  • Connect to Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and other GSheets.
  • Save your analysis and run them on a single-click.

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Single source of truth for your teams

Connect your analysis to live data from all your sources and make sure all your teams are looking at the same numbers. Speed up your decision-making without worrying about the data.

Export data from your favorite systems at the click of a button.

No more downloading CSVs from Hubspot, Google Analytics, Shopify, Stripe, or Salesforce.

Match keys VLOOKUP

Run lookups directly from third-party systems.

Run VLOOKUPs and IMPORTRANGEs to any source you want. Don't be constrained by the limitations of your spreadsheet.

  • Organize data from your marketing sources into dashboards.
  • Connect your advertising data from Google Ads to sales data from Shopify.
  • Compare your financial projections on Excel to actuals on Xero.
10x faster spreadsheets

Noticeably faster calculations. 

We fuel your spreadsheets with additional juice to make those 1,000-row calculations noticeably faster. Even better, your analysis autoupdates, so you don't have to redo the same calculations ever.

Connect your spreadsheet to all your important data sources.

Avoid downloading CSVs to run basic analysis. Simply call data from any data source into your spreadsheet.

By the time my boss would look at the spreadsheet I sent him, the data would all be outdated.

Edwin Cho

Business Analyst, Singapore

Gathering ad campaign data from multiple sources used to take up so much of my week.

David Evans

Marketing Manager, London

We bring the power of SQL queries into your spreadsheets.

So you don't have to learn to code.