How eyewear brand, Epokhe simplifies reporting and decision-making.

The Epokhe team automated their existing Google Spreadsheet reports using Airboxr, saving them over 6 hours a week.

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What is Epokhe?

Founded in 2012, EPØKHE collaborates with a diverse family of creatives—surfers, photographers, designers, musicians & skateboarders—for a unique eyewear range.

The Problem

Too much data spread across too many sources.

The team needed a way to objectively review comparable data from different ad platforms in a central location, and have an accurate overview of his campaign performance across marketing channels. They also needed a quick and efficient way to get the right metrics into their reports.

Too much data


The Epokhe team had already set up reports on Google Spreadsheets that they manually updated every week. Majority of the time was spent on collecting and cleaning the data, because every data source tracked data in a different manner. Manual updates also increased the risk of human error.

The Solution

Automate data collection, cleaning, and delivery to an existing tracker.

The Epokhe team runs Airboxr’s Hops (data automations) on a separate spreadsheet, then uses formulas to plug in the relevant data into their existing tracker. Since their tracker is already set up on Google Sheets, there was no learning curve for the team.

Airboxr helped the Epokhe team automate their existing reports without forcing them to adopt new processes.

Multi-source data import through APIs.

Airboxr imported data from Shopify, ad channels, and email platforms.

Data transformation and analysis.

Airboxr analyzes the imported data and prepares it for delivery.

Automatic delivery on spreadsheets.

Airboxr delivers the data into the spreadsheet the team already uses.

How Airboxr helps Epokhe keep track of product sales performance.

The Epokhe team uses Airboxr to automatically pull product sales data from Shopify into a Google sheet that is then connected to their own performance tracker saving them hours.

Being able to get that weekly and monthly data from the same platform, so then you’re all working off one truthful platform, is really handy. Normally you have to go from Google to Meta to Shopify, and each one of them will have a different answer… Having that [objective] source of truth is very helpful.

Alex Dietrich

E-Commerce & Ops Manager

The Impact

Faster insights. Better decisions.

By moving all data collection and analysis to Airboxr, the Epokhe team is able to focus on making the right decisions for long-term impact.

6+ hrs




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