Graphic design trends in data visualization for 2022

Graphic design trends in data visualization for 2022

Salima Nadira

Salima Nadira

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In the past year, data visualization trends have focused on simplicity, using icons and colors to make complex information more understandable. Themed infographics have added aesthetics to reports, with examples inspired by pop culture. Combining pictures with data has gained popularity, especially on social media. Bold visuals, featuring vibrant colors and imagery, have been used effectively in various contexts, including annual reviews. Additionally, online printing services like Ontimeprint have become more convenient, offering fast delivery for printing needs, from flyers to company booklets.

With all the complex information that needed to be shared on the topic of the global pandemic and all the associated changes that happened because of it, there’s no wonder that we have started to see more data visualizations, especially in industries like healthcare, government, and marketing. At the same time, companies at the top of their data game have turned to increasingly fun data visualizations to not just share information, but also spread more positivity across the globe. Here’s a rundown of graphic design trends in data visualization from the past year:

Simple infographics

We saw a lot of public service announcements during the pandemic, much of which was complex and potentially confusing. The use of icons and colors in this simple infographic really helps the general public get a more visual picture, and absorb information better. Icons and colors work very well in signages and informative brochures, especially those that need to be put up or distributed around public places.


Themed infographics

Who said internal reports need to be boring? Even your team’s mind maps can have a touch of aesthetics. Here’s an example template for a customer journey, by Venngage. They even made themed infographics around The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Netflix fonts, and Disney villains. Now that’s something worth printing and putting up in your office cubicle.

Source: Venngage

Automate your Shopify reports.

Automate your Shopify reports.

Automate your Shopify reports.

Using pictures alongside data

Sharing data points is great, but what better way to make a visual impact than to include a relevant visual? Especially in social media posts, when viewers usually glance at images rather than look carefully at what’s written on it.

Source: Twitter

Bold visuals

Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming platform, so a lot of us music lovers would probably have seen our 2021 round-up at the end of last year. The bright colors and bold images never fail to bring excitement and good cheer to our faces. And what a great idea, too - sharing interesting data on your customers’ behavior and preferences from your year end review is a clever way to humanize corporate communications.

Source: CNN

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Live streaming platform Twitch also went in with the bold visuals for their year-end recap, of course making use of popular emotes from the platform:

Source: Twitch

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