Measure your sell-through rates across products

Measure your sell-through rates across products

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This report is used to identify your products' Sell-Through Rate (STR) within the specified period (either week to date or month to date). STR is a percentage indicating the proportion of items sold from the total stock received during a specific period. A higher STR signifies effective sales and efficient inventory utilization, while a lower STR indicates either excessive stock or insufficient sales.

You can also filter this report by product title, SKU, or key metrics such as total sales or quantity.

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How to use this Hop.

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  1. Identifying High-Performing and Slow-Moving Inventory: The report enables e-commerce stores to identify high-performing products with a higher STR. These products, indicated by strong Total Sales and Daily Average Sold, are likely customer favorites. Simultaneously, the report highlights products with a lower STR, signaling slower-moving inventory. By understanding the performance of each product, businesses can allocate resources strategically, focusing on promotions and marketing for high-performing products and implementing targeted strategies to boost sales for slower-moving inventory.

  2. Avoiding Excessive Stock or Stockouts: Maintaining an optimal STR helps businesses avoid the pitfalls of excessive stock or stockouts. Excessive stock ties up capital and may lead to markdowns, while stockouts can result in missed sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers. The report helps businesses strike a balance, ensuring they have sufficient stock to meet demand without overcommitting.

  3. Implementing Seasonal Inventory Adjustments: Seasonal variations in sales demand can impact inventory management. By monitoring STR and Daily Average Sold metrics over different periods, e-commerce stores can identify seasonal trends and make informed decisions about adjusting inventory levels in anticipation of increased or decreased demand during specific seasons.

  4. Informing Pricing Strategies: Understanding the relationship between Total Sales, Quantity Sold, and STR can inform pricing strategies. Products with a high STR may support premium pricing, while those with a lower STR may benefit from strategic pricing adjustments or promotions to stimulate sales.

In This Report


  • Total Sales

  • Quantity Sold

  • Current Quantity

  • Daily Average Sold

  • Sell Through Rate

Grouped By

  • Product Title

  • Variant Title

  • Variant SKU

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