Measure sales performance by last visit UTMs

Measure sales performance by last visit UTMs

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Mayank Verma


Marketing, Revenue

This report provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your brand's campaigns by analyzing them using a last-visit attribution model. Airboxr achieves this by attributing orders to the order session that has UTM parameters to the closest date to the order date. Therefore, a 7-day Sales Performance by Last Visit report will use 7-day order data, utilize session data linked to the orders, and attribute each order to the UTMs of sessions with dates closest to the order date.

By using this attribution model, lower-funnel campaigns, such as branded search or retargeting campaigns, will be given more value while brand awareness and upper-funnel campaigns may receive none.


How to use this Hop.

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  1. Optimizing Ad Spend Allocation: Suppose the report reveals that retargeting campaigns result in a higher number of last-visit conversions compared to brand awareness campaigns and also determine the AOV of each campaign. In this case, the e-commerce brand can allocate a larger portion of its advertising budget to retargeting efforts, ensuring a more efficient use of resources and maximizing ROI. If you are interested in which

  2. Understanding the Impact of Canceled Orders: The report provides insights into both placed orders and canceled orders. By assessing the value of canceled orders in relation to specific campaigns, stores can then implement strategies to reduce order cancellations and improve overall customer satisfaction. You can create a segment of customers who canceled orders within the time period by using the Customer Segment Builder Hop and filtering by the number of cancellations.

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