Identify your stores most used payment method on a daily basis

Identify your stores most used payment method on a daily basis

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Mayank Verma



This is a report that shows you the daily use of each payment method for order payments in your store.


How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Payment Method Performance Analysis: By understanding which payment methods are consistently preferred by customers, businesses can assess the popularity and effectiveness of each option.

  2. Optimization of Checkout Experience: Analyzing daily payment method usage allows businesses to optimize the checkout experience. If certain payment methods are more frequently chosen, the e-commerce store can streamline the checkout process for those methods, reducing friction and enhancing the efficiency of transactions.

In This Report


  • Order count

Grouped By

  • Date

  • Payment Method

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