Identify drop off points in your Facebook Ads purchase funnel by age group

Identify drop off points in your Facebook Ads purchase funnel by age group

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Mayank Verma


Marketing, Revenue

This is a report of the purchase funnel of your Facebook campaigns between different age groups within the period. This report gives a complete picture of the reach, cost-effectiveness, and conversion rates between stages of the purchase funnel of your campaigns between different age groups.


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  1. Targeted Advertising Strategy: By analyzing metrics such as Spend, Reach, Impressions, and cost-per-action metrics, e-commerce stores can tailor their advertising strategy for different age groups. Understanding which age groups are more responsive to the campaign allows businesses to allocate budgets more effectively and focus on demographics with higher engagement.

  2. Funnel Conversion Analysis: This report makes it possible to evaluate and pinpoint areas of the purchase funnel where users from specific age groups show higher or lower conversion rates. This information is valuable for optimizing the user journey and improving overall conversion rates.

  3. Landing Page Optimization: Cost per Landing Page View (LPV) and Landing Page Views (LPV) to Add to Cart (ATC) metrics provide insights into the efficiency of landing pages in attracting and retaining attention. E-commerce stores can use this information to optimize landing pages, ensuring they effectively engage users and encourage them to proceed through the purchase funnel.

  4. Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): By combining metrics such as Cost per Purchase with overall revenue from purchases, users can calculate the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for each age group.

  5. Identifying Underperforming Age Groups: If certain age groups consistently show lower engagement, higher costs, or lower conversion rates compared to targets, e-commerce stores can identify them as potential areas for improvement. Adjusting targeting or refining campaign strategies for these groups can help optimize overall performance.

In This Report


  • Spend

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Frequency

  • Cost-per-mille (CPM)

  • Cost-per-click (CPC)

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

  • Add to cart (ATC) to Purchase

  • Impression (IMP) to Add to Cart (ATC)

  • Cost per Landing Page View (LPV)

  • Cost per Add to cart (ATC)

  • Cost per Purchases

  • Link Clicks

  • Landing Page Views

  • Adds to Cart

  • Purchases

  • Impressions (IMP) to Landing Page Views (LPV)

  • Landing Page Views (LPV) to Add to Cart (ATC)

  • Add to Cart (ATC) to Purchase.

  • Impressions (IMP) to Add to Cart (ATC)

  • Cost per Landing Page View (LPV)

  • Cost per Add to Cart (ATC)

  • Cost per Purchase

Grouped By

  • Age

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