Extract a list of customers who bought a specific SKU

Extract a list of customers who bought a specific SKU



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on the Shopify App Store

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The Buyers by SKU Hop compiles details about customers who bought a specific SKU from your store within a designated timeframe. Unlike with other Hops, it is important to note that this report must be filtered by an SKU before it can run.

This report includes customer information like email, phone number, name, city, region, gross sales, total SKU orders, SKU details, total SKU items purchased, and items bought together. To clarify:

  • Gross Sales: This is the gross sale value of the filtered SKU that the customer purchased.

  • Total SKU Orders: Number of orders for the selected SKU by a customer within the specified time period.

  • SKU: The SKU that this report is filtered for.

  • Total SKU Items: The quantity of the filtered SKU that was ordered by a customer within the specified time period.

  • Purchased Together: Other SKUs purchased by the customer in the same order as the selected SKU(s), across all orders made within the specified time period.

  • Last Purchased Date: The most recent date that the customer made a purchase for the filtered SKU(s).


How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Customer Segmentation and Personalized Marketing: Use this Hop to segment your customer base strategically. By understanding their purchasing patterns, create personalized marketing campaigns. For instance, customers loyal to a specific SKU can receive targeted product recommendations and exclusive promotions tailored to their preferences, fostering higher chances of recurring sales. Read how Cookd creates hyper-personalized customer segments with Airboxr.

  2. Enhancing Customer Service and Communication: Reach out to individuals who have purchased a particular SKU to collect feedback, offer post-sales assistance, or inform them about new products and special deals relevant to their past purchases.

  3. Strategic Geographic Targeting and Market Expansion: Utilize city and region data to pinpoint areas where a specific SKU enjoys high demand and concentrate marketing efforts in these regions to optimize returns. Also, consider expanding your market presence based on the popularity of specific SKUs in particular areas.

  4. Identify Anomalies in Sales Trends: Monitor unusual purchasing patterns, such as repetitive orders of the same SKU by a certain customer within a short timeframe. By promptly addressing anomalous activities, the business can prevent potential fraud cases, or discover the effects of greater market trends.

In This Report


  • Gross Sales

  • Total SKU Orders

  • Total SKU Items

Additional parameters

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Phone

  • City

  • Region

  • Country

  • SKU

  • Purchased Together

  • Last Purchased Date

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