How do I connect Klaviyo to Airboxr?

Learn how to connect to Klaviyo to Airboxr.

Saptarshi Nath


Getting Started

To get your Klaviyo data and insights within Airboxr, you need to get a private API key from Klaviyo and input it to Airboxr. This is an easy process, and we'll guide you step by step.

How to connect to Klaviyo:

  • Log in to Klaviyo

  • Head to the “Account” page from the top right corner

  • Enter the “Settings” tab and access the “API keys” tab

  • Create a private API key, which will be used to connect the integration on Airboxr. Name it ‘Airboxr’ so you can identify it easily later.

  • Head to the Integrations page on Airboxr.

  • Click on the Klaviyo integration and input your private API key, which was generated in step 4 and connect!

Once you’ve connected Klaviyo, add one of the Klaviyo Hops from the Hops marketplace. You can then open a spreadsheet within Airboxr and run your Hops.

To connect Klaviyo to Airboxr, you need to generate a private API key in Klaviyo, then enter it in the Airboxr integrations page. After connecting, add a Klaviyo Hop from the Hops marketplace in Airboxr to use your data in a spreadsheet.