Accessing your Hops

Learn how to specify which sheet you want your report in.

Salima Nadira


Getting Started

There are two ways you can access your Hops.

To run a Hop on a new sheet:

Go to the My Hops page and click Run on a Hop to run it on a new Google Spreadsheet.

To run a Hop on an existing sheet:

Go to the My Sheets page where you will see a list of Google Spreadsheets from your Google Drive. Open the sheet you want. Your Hops will show up on a sidebar on the left; click Run on the Hop you want.

To access Hops in Airboxr, go to the 'My Hops' page and click 'Run' on a Hop for a new Google Spreadsheet. For an existing sheet, use the 'My Sheets' page, open the desired spreadsheet, and run the Hop from the sidebar.​