Spreadsheets are here to stay...

We may wish we never had to deal with spreadsheets, but they serve a very critical need for businesses.  From large MNCs to small startups, all business decisions are made from spreadsheet analysis.

...but they kinda suck.


So we asked users.

74% felt they wasted too much time in collecting and cleaning data.

We asked business analysts, leaders, and owners across the world about their top frustrations with spreadsheets.  

They were unanimous in their feedback—the work leading up to the actual calculations is the most frustrating.

We asked companies

My team and I pull in thirty-eight data points from fourteen different marketing channels for our weekly all-hands meeting. That's half a day wasted every week.

April Ludgate, Marketing Manager

Every month, I spend an entire day collating client invoices and determining how much I owe each of my 6,000 contractors.

Leslie Knope, Finance Manager 


Spreadsheets need to change radically.

Else, we are all about to lose our minds.


Make your spreadsheets run faster.  Stop spending your time collecting and cleaning data. 

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