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Use these ready-made spreadsheet templates to supercharge your analysis. Combine them with the power of Airboxr to save hours of manual work every week.

Organic Traffic Analysis

Find out which keywords and pages get you the best traffic.

Top 50: No-code Investors

Building a no-code product? Grab this list of investors that focus on no-code.

Ad Spend Analysis

Analyze your ad spend and trends across Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

YouTube Ad Performance

Check how your video ads are doing.

Conversion Dashboard

Find your top-performing sources that drive conversion using Google Analytics.

Pre-seed Investors

Get this list of pre-seed investors and close your funding round.

Facebook Ad Analysis

Track the key metrics of your Facebook ads over a selected period of time.

Sales Goal Tracker

Track each salesperson's goal achievement by start date.

E-mail Validity Checker

Check the deliverability of the e-mails you're sending to.

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