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What is Top Purchasers?

Top purchasers are customers who buy the most from your store.


Top Purchasers formula.

List of customers arranged by their number (or value) of orders.


Customers are vital to running your business. If you have a list of customers making a lot of purchases from your store, then your focus should be on developing strategies to retain these customers. Finding your top purchasers could also help you understand the kind of customers you should be targeting to make more sales.

You can arrange your top purchasers by their number of orders or the value of purchases. If your products have a high variability in their pricing, it is likely better to arrange your top purchasers by order value.


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What are the industry benchmarks for Top Purchasers?

Top Purchasers are specific to each store and an industry benchmark is not available.


How can you improve Top Purchasers for your store?

Top Purchases (in both numbers and spends) are critical to your store. Focus on getting your new customers to repeat purchases often. Provide incentives and offers for new customers to make their second purchase within a defined timeframe—this could be through time-limited discounts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, or cashbacks.


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