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What is Product Return Rate by Shipper?

Product Return Rate by Shipper refers to the total return rate of your products arranged by shipping partner over a period of time.


Product Return Rate by Shipper formula.

Product Return Rate by Shipper = [Returned products in a time period by shipper / Total products fulfilled through the same shipper in the same time period] x 100


If many customers are returning the products being shipped by a specific shipping carrier, then the chances are that there’s some issue with the shipping carrier; for example, the shipping carrier is too slow, there is a lack of communication on tracking status updates, they constantly have trouble locating the customer's premises, or the goods are delivered damaged. You can get in touch with your respective shipping partners and take action to prevent further returns.


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What are the industry benchmarks for Product Return Rate by Shipper?

Product Return Rate by Shipper varies widely across product categories and shippers, and public benchmarks are not available.


How can you improve Product Return Rate by Shipper for your store?

Measure shipper performance and share their performance numbers with them. Send more shipments through shippers that improve in performance. If they do not improve, reduce your dependence on those shippers and show them the numbers to explain why.


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