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What is Average Session Duration?

Average session duration is the average length of sessions on your website. It is typically measured in seconds or minutes.


Average Session Duration formula.

Average Session Duration = Total time spent across sessions / total number of sessions


This metric tells you the average time a visitor spends on your store in a single session. The higher the value, the better since you’d want people spending more time on your store.

That said, a very high timeframe could also be a flag for certain types of stores—that might imply that visitors aren't able to find what they need quickly.


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What are the industry benchmarks for Average Session Duration?

A reasonable benchmark for average session duration for e-commerce is 2m 57secs (Source: Wolfgang KPI Report 2020).


How can you improve Average Session Duration for your store?

To improve your Average Session Duration you can aim to make your site as engaging as possible. This can be done by including relevant media (images, videos, graphics, etc.) or user surveys.


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