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Do you spend hours collecting company details for your CRM?

Enrich your account lists with company profiles in one click. Upload immediately to your CRM.

  • No manual searching for company details.
  • Enrich your leads list with company information in a single click.

Airboxr finds company details from a list of domains to provide you a standardized GSheet ready to upload to your CRM.

Find insights on your leads with a single click.

  • Shortlist your prospects from relevant industries
  • Learn more about the companies that sign up on your website/platform
  • Upload enriched company data to your CRM systems

Questions you can answer with Airboxr, within three clicks.

“What type of companies have signed up for our mailing list? This would take me hours to figure out."

David Wendel

Marketing Manager, SaaS Platform

How do I extract a list of SMEs from the people who have registered on our website? I need to prepare a list of signups from companies who have less than 200 employees. Easier said than done!"

woman in red cardigan smiling

Joe Morris

Sales Lead, Telecommunications

How do I find companies from the financial services industry in my list of leads? Typically, I'd visit the websites on my list manually and tag them as Financial Services (or not). I've lost many weekends to this mindless task."

man wearing Henley top portrait

Amy Lee

Sales Analyst, SaaS


How 1,000+ sales team members save 8 hours every week

Find People

Prepare a list of prospects that meet your criteria, right within GSheets. As easy as a Google Search.

Find E-mails

Find business e-mails of your prospects with a single click.

Enrich Companies

Automatically find business profiles on your prospect companies, ready to upload to your CRMs.


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