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enrich sales leads data

Find leads in bulk, within your GSheet.

Enrich LinkedIn profile links with real data—including emails, names, positions, and organizations. Don't waste your time on guesswork.

  • Enrich prospect data from LinkedIn URLs
  • Introductory plans starting from $19/mo/user
  • Pay-per-use pricing available too

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Build a bigger, better pipeline.

Broaden your pipeline with the time you save looking for leads. Simply enter your search parameters and Airboxr will find you leads matching your criteria. Shortlist the ones you want to reach out to and get their e-mails in one click.

Spend your time on building relationships, not finding e-mails.

If you excel at sales, you already know how important it to build relationships. But you can't be building relationships if you're spending most of your time on tracking down leads' e-mails. Automate lead enrichment, so you can focus on the business.

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Sign up now to get an early-bird starting price of $19/mo/user. Includes 100 lead enrichments. Additional lead enrichments at 15¢/enrichment. Your plan never pauses.