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How to enrich your spreadsheet with company data

by Munawar Alam in March 23rd, 2022

Have you ever found yourself constantly shuffling between company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and other informational sites, just to fill a spreadsheet with company details? Then you know how tedious and troublesome it can be to gather information on a list of companies.

Airboxr's Enrich Companies feature allows you to enrich your spreadsheet with company details within seconds. By gathering these details, you can deepen your understanding of your users, clients, or prospects, allowing you to create highly targeted customer segments.

Here are some examples of use cases:

  • An ecommerce company might want to segregate its customers.
  • A SaaS company might want to prioritize people from a specific industry who sign up for their newsletter.
  • A freelancer might want to identify high-value clients.

In this article, we’ll show you how to enrich your spreadsheet with company data in 6 steps:

  1. Install the Airboxr add-on for Google Sheets.
  2. Create/Import a Google Sheet with Company URLs
  3. Select 'Enrich Company’ from the Airboxr add-on
  4. Select column containing Company URLs
  5. Select data you'd like to enrich (website, industry, headquarters, etc)
  6. Finally, click on 'Enrich' and see magic happen right inside your Google Sheets.

Step 1: Install the Airboxr add-on for Google Sheets

Airboxr is a Google Sheets add-on which allows you to do your data analysis with ease.

Note: Before installing any Google Apps, first make sure you are only logged in to one Google Account on your browser. (You may wish to create a separate browser profile e.g. for your work logins.)

To install Airboxr, go to our webpage and choose to install from the Google Workspace Marketplace or to get a guided installation.

After installing, open a Google Sheet and click on the Extensions menu option at the top of the sheet.

Step 2: Create/Import a Google Sheet with Company URLs

You may use our sample sheet with prefilled data to understand how enrich company works in Airboxr.

Make a copy of Sample Companies to Enrich

Step 3: Select 'Enrich Company’ from Airboxr add-on

  1. Go to Extensions and Select Airboxr,then click on Launch.

2. Select ENRICH from the options listed.

3. Select Enrich Companies

Step 4: Select column containing Company URLs

Choose the header name of the row on your Google Sheet which refers to Company URLs.

Step 5: Select data you'd like to enrich (website, industry, headquarters, etc)

Feel free to select any or all data types to append to your spreadsheet. This is how you would filter the data coming in to your spreadsheet.

Step 6: Click Enrich to append company data into Google Sheets

That’s all! 🎉 You have company data in your Google Sheets for easy analysis.

Bonus: Split domain enrichment

If you have a list of business emails, you can create a list of company URLs in Google Sheets using this formula:

=IFERROR(RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-FIND("@",A2)), "")

Below is a gif of how you can split the domains from business emails before enrichment.

Watch a video demonstration of how to enrich companies below:

That's all! ⚡️

With Airboxr, you no longer have to spend hours copy and pasting data from multiple websites and platforms. Just click one button and watch your spreadsheet populate with company details.

Try Airboxr now and give it a shot yourself!

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