The Polygon app at work

One-click marketing dashboards.

You have better things to do that log into multiple ad networks and review their data.  Airboxr enables you to have a comprehensive view of your ad performance right within your spreadsheet.

  • No CSV downloads
  • No copying and cleaning data
  • No complex formulas

Get your leadership team on the same page.

Be prepared with your marketing insights on demand.  Don't waste your time reaching out to your tech team to pull basic numbers.

Data insights on your fingertips. No coding necessary.

Smart mobile app

Import data without leaving your spreadsheet.

No more downloading CSVs, simply import data from any source from within your spreadsheet.

Call booth

Generate pivot tables while importing.

Save even more time by quickly building pivot tables while importing.  

Smar devices

Run VLOOKUPs to any external data source.

Run vlookups and joins to any data anywhere. No need to download any CSV report.

Compare traffic from various ad channels.

Get all your ad performance data on the same page.  Just one click collects key performance metrics from various marketing channels, normalizes the data, and presents you with a clean dashboard for your team... all within your Google Sheet.

The analytics of dashboards, the flexibility of spreadsheets, and the power of SQL.

Need to deep dive into your performance metrics and dashboards are simply not enough?  Select any marketing data source and pull data into your spreadsheet for analysis.  Airboxr will automatically standardize the data across sources and even enable you to summarize data before importing.  

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