Sick of doing the same analysis every week.

As a marketing manager, you pull data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and every source of traffic that can give you a competitive advantage. Analysing data from all these sources requires you to collate and clean data for hours before you can analyse them.

Then next week, you do it all over again.


Here's how Airboxr makes your life easier

Your single source of truth.

Pull your marketing metrics from Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter without ever leaving your spreadsheet. Simply choose your data sources and the metrics you want to pull using the Airboxr plugin for Google Sheets.

Summarise your metrics.

Summarise imported data to create the metrics you want—without any extra formulas and calculations.  Compare your metrics across channels without creating a new spreadsheets or downloading CSVs.

Run lookups across data sources.

Have customer emails from Mailchimp? Check their average order values from Shopify without leaving your spreadsheet.  An easy interface to run complex lookups helps you simplify your daily analysis.

Spreadsheets are about to change radically.

Else, we are all about to lose our minds.


Make your spreadsheets run faster.  Stop spending your time collecting and cleaning data. 

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