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Do you know your top customers on Shopify?

Or do you spend 2 hours finding out?

Sync your Shopify orders, products and customers. Query your data using Airboxr.

  • No more downloading CSVs.
  • No more prep-time for analysis.

Airboxr is a no-code analytics tool that helps you analyze your Shopify data at the click of a button, right within your Google Sheets.

Combine Shopify data with your ad channels for additional insights

Import data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more to enrich your Shopify data. Find cross-platform insights quickly.


Questions you can answer with Airboxr, within three clicks.

“How effective are my marketing campaigns? Seems like a simple enough question, but we spent over six hours a week to simply collect data from different sources.”

David Engley

Marketing Director, Fashion Store

“How often are our repeat customers coming back? We had to calculate every metric separately for our repeat customer cohorts... every week!

woman in red cardigan smiling

Danielle Lockhart

Category Manager, Lifestyle Sales

“Which ZIP codes are we getting the most returns from? I know it isn't easy to deliver goods across the U.S., but identifying tough areas helps us determine the best shippers in advance.”

man wearing Henley top portrait

Mark Johnson

Director of Operations, Electronics Retailer


How 1,000+ marketers save 8 hours every week


Save your analysis as a Hop and run it from any spreadsheet with a single click.


Use our dynamic templates to get all your key metrics quickly and supercharge your analysis.


Query your data without using complex spreadsheet formulas. 


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