Review engagement on your Klaviyo email campaigns

Review engagement on your Klaviyo email campaigns

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Teng Chiong Yap



This report provides extensive overall insight into the performance of the email campaigns you are running in Klaviyo. It goes beyond showing Klaviyo’s standard metrics (open rate, click rate, and active on-site) at a glance. For clarification, unique active is the number of recipients who opened or clicked your email and were active on your site within Klaviyo’s attribution window.

Please note that the comparison to target reports is based on what is already set up in your Klaviyo account.


How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Campaign Effectiveness Analysis: Analyze unique opens and clicks to measure customer engagement. Identify popular content and assess spam complaint rates for email quality evaluation.

  2. Revenue Optimization: Track revenue generated directly from email campaigns. You can use the calculated revenue per recipient to gauge targeted campaign effectiveness and identify high-contributing segments.

  3. Performance Comparison and Goal Setting: Compare open and click rates against targets to adjust content and timing strategies. You can also account for spam complaints and unsubscribe rates in comparison to goals for maintaining a healthy subscriber base.

  4. Audience Segmentation and Personalization: Utilize recipient data for effective audience segmentation. Compare open rates to targets for better alignment with customer expectations, allowing personalized content delivery.

  5. Budget Allocation and Resource Management: Evaluate the ROI of campaigns by comparing revenue against costs. Allocate budgets based on high-performing campaigns and optimize resources for efficient utilization.

In This Report


  • Recipients

  • Delivered

  • Unique Opens

  • Unique Active

  • Revenue

  • Revenue per recipient

  • Open Rate

  • Click Rate

  • Spam Complaint Rate

  • Unsubscribe Rate

Grouped By

  • Campaign

Additional parameters

  • Open Rate Comparison to Target

  • Click Rate Comparison to Target

  • Spam Complaint Rate Comparison to Target

  • Unsubscribe Rate Comparison to Target

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