Airboxr - No-code querying and data-enrichment interface for GSheets. | Product Hunt

Find e-mail addresses for free.

Use LinkedIn profiles in your Google Spreadsheet to find e-mail addresses in bulk. Stop manual prospecting.

  • 10 free e-mail matches every month for light users.
  • Paid plans start at $19/mo.
  • One single subscription to save six hours a week in prospecting.

Simple two-step process

1. Select your LinkedIn URL column

And choose the information you want to find.

2. Get all contact details in your GSheet

Get e-mails, designations, organizations, and locations in your Google Sheet.


No account creation, no credit card needed.

You will receive free access to all features, along with 10 credits every month toward e-mail matches to try out the service. No new account needed, just log in with your Google account.

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