Always updated financial data 

As a finance manager, you work with invoices on Xero, attendance records on your HRMS, and projections on spreadsheets all the time.  Exporting and normalising your CSVs from various data sources are a drag on your time and peace of mind.


Here's how Airboxr makes your life easier

Your single source of truth.

Pull information spread across your systems into a single source of truth—Airboxr works with Xero, Hubspot, Lever, and various attendance monitoring systems to help you get a comprehensive view of your business. 

Summarise your financial metrics.

Summarise imported data to create the metrics you want—without any extra formulas and calculations.  Compare your financial metrics across sources without creating new spreadsheets or downloading CSVs.

Look up data across sources.

Run pivot tables and lookups across multiple data sources.  Check your invoice on Xero against order status on Shopify.  Or your purchase price on TradeGecko against amount due on Quickbooks.

Spreadsheets are about to change radically.

Else, we are all about to lose our minds.


Make your spreadsheets run faster.  Stop spending your time collecting and cleaning data. 

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