Business Analyst

"By the time my boss looks at my analysis, the data on my spreadsheets is outdated.

As with all marketing analysts, we spent a lot of time downloading and cleaning data. Only to have all the data be outdated by the time we completed our analysis. Sign up for early access now and receive a free printable PDF with top GSheets keyboard shortcuts for easy access.

It's 2020. We shouldn't be copying and pasting data anymore.

Literally everyone working with spreadsheets.

Three simple steps.

No coding skills necessary.

Select Source

Import data without leaving your spreadsheet.

No more downloading CSVs, simply import data from any source from within your spreadsheet.


Summarize your data during imports.

Save even more time by quickly building pivot tables while importing.  

No code vlookup

Run VLOOKUPs to any external data source.

Run vlookups and joins to any data anywhere.  No need to download any CSV report.

Gathering ad campaign data from all our channels takes up a good portion of my week. 

Daniel Souter

Marketing Analyst, London

I never imagined I'd spend more than half of my work-week simply downloading and cleaning data.

Christie Hendrick

Business Analyst, Washington D.C.

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