Airboxr, your secret weapon for faster spreadsheets.

Make your Google Spreadsheets faster.  Use Airboxr to automate VLOOKUPs to your frequently-used ERP and SaaS systems, so you can focus on analysis—not on collecting and cleaning data.


A Single Source of Truth

From young startups to multi-national corporations, spreadsheets are the go-to tool for millions of users who wish to analyse company data.  Now, you can ensure that your business is looking at the right data at all times.  

Key advantages


Sync your frequently-used CRMs to spreadsheets. Never run the same analysis twice.


Clean your spreadsheet data automatically, using the power of AI and natural-language processing.


Run heavy calculations on the Cloud. Make your analysis noticeably faster.

Pull live data from your ERP systems.

Simply pull data from Hubspot, Google Analytics, Shopify, Stripe, or Salesforce without downloading a CSV.

Live Lookups to multiple databases.

Run VLOOKUPs and IMPORTRANGEs to any source you want.

Use the Airboxr Cloud to make complex calculations faster.

We fuel your spreadsheets to make those 1,000-row calculations noticeably faster.

What People Say
I was just getting sick of downloading CSVs from Hubspot and Magento every week.

Augusto Ros, CT


Make your spreadsheets run faster.  Stop spending your time collecting and cleaning data. 

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