How En Gold achieved a 450% increase in revenue from trade sales

Homeware and furniture store En Gold manages its tiered trade sales program using Airboxr.

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What is En Gold?

Alongside its DTC offerings, En Gold diversifies its sales channels by introducing a Trade Tier Program to their interior design and architecture trade professionals.

The Problem

Difficulty in managing trade sales performance

As part of their growth strategy, En Gold runs a trade sales programme on their Shopify blended store. They would normally identify their trade sales by running a Shopify Order Export and filtering by B2B sales.

Dispersed data

Unreliable data

The default Order Export from Shopify would contain many irrelevant fields, and would take them ages to clean up for use. They would have to clean this up every single time they want to check the progress of their trade sales program.

The Solution

Automate trade sales performance tracking using Airboxr

The team used an Airboxr report, the B2B Order Export Hop, to get all their important trade sales metrics in a spreadsheet. These reports run on schedule every month to show how much En Gold made from trade sales in the last month. They also use this to check the annual spending of each trade partner, and see if they qualify for the higher tier with larger bulk discounts.

By tracking their trade sales performance, they are able to move qualified trade partners to higher discount tiers, giving them a greater incentive to spend even more money with En Gold.

Easy-to-read order export

Monthly automatically updated report

Speedy data import with better APIs.

Airboxr imports data much faster for Shopify Plus than regular Shopify stores.

Data transformation and analysis.

Airboxr analyzes the imported data and prepares it for delivery.

Automatic delivery on spreadsheets.

Airboxr delivers the data into the spreadsheet the team already uses.

How Airboxr helps En Gold automatically export B2B order data.

The En Gold team uses Airboxr to quickly prepare reports on their B2B orders to track both overall and trade partner sale performance.

“By tracking our trade sales performance, we are able to move qualified trade partners to higher discount tiers, giving them a greater incentive to spend more money with En Gold. We would not have been able to run our tiered trade sales program without Airboxr."

Marketing Manager

En Gold, Australia

The Impact

Increase in revenue from trade sales

After implementing their tiered trade sales program, En Gold saw a whopping 450% increase in trade sales in the month of October as compared to the previous year. This increase in sales comes from a higher number of orders being placed by trade partners. Sales from individual trade partners saw increases of up to 150%.

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