Product sales analytics: 5 data challenges Hayley Menzies overcame using Airboxr

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Hayley Menzies, a London-based fashion brand, experienced significant growth in 2023 and sought streamlined and reliable reporting for their diverse sales channels managed through Shopify. Using Airboxr's existing reports alongside requested customized solutions to address specific queries, they now track product sales trends over time graphically on Looker dashboards, analyze revenue from different sales channels, understand product lifecycles for restocking, determine the sales ratio of marked-down items, and automatically filter out gifted items from sales reports. These tailored reports have enhanced their decision-making processes and contributed to more effective sales strategies.

London-based fashion brand Hayley Menzies is a founder-led business known for its bold, eclectic designs. Having steadily grown a solid following since its inception in 2011, the brand found itself in an exciting growth phase in 2023, preparing for the launch of its second retail outlet, on top of an existing physical store and their Shopify store.

As they manage all their sales through Shopify, they needed to have a clear picture of how their products were selling across their different sales channels. “We did not have specialised reporting set up, anything that was created previously was inconsistent and unreliable,” said Amanda Fullalove, E-Commerce Manager of Hayley Menzies. “Airboxr allowed us to streamline this and review data in an uncomplicated way that made sense.”

While Airboxr’s existing reports (known as Hops) were already useful for the fashion store right off the bat, Hayley Menzies needed more specific reports created to answer their particular concerns. Airboxr helped them with quick answers to questions such as:

How are our product sales trending over time?

To get an overview of their product sales, it was important for Hayley Menzies to be able to see their sales trends over time. This was challenging initially because of how limited their existing reporting system was.

Using a specially created Airboxr Hop, they are now able to view all of this information not only in a spreadsheet, but also graphically on a Looker dashboard. From their Looker dashboard they are also able to conveniently filter by different properties such as product name, variant, and source location. This helped them to answer other, more specific questions.

Which sales channels are bringing in the most revenue?

Not only did they need to know how their products were selling, they needed specific information on which sizes were being sold in which locations. This gives them a sense of which channels they should focus on to drive more sales. By using the above-mentioned Looker dashboard, alongside a custom built report, they are able to quickly identify whether most of their sales were coming from their e-commerce store or either of their retail outlets, so they can double down on their best performing sales channels.

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What is the lifecycle of our various products?

When preparing to restock products, or plan purchase orders for future collections, it’s essential for Hayley Menzies to understand how quickly their existing products are being sold, and which sizes tend to be the most popular. With Airboxr, they are now able to see this information easily, which makes it much easier for their forecasting and planning meetings.

What is the ratio of sales of marked down items vs. full price?

As their product offerings are seasonal, Hayley Menzies would frequently mark down past season items, and so it was important for them to know what percentage of their sales came from these marked down items as compared to their full priced offerings.

While this report used to involve heavy data manipulation and countless hours in the past, while also resulting in inaccurate reporting, now they get this report automatically (and accurately!) using a custom built Airboxr Hop. They are also able to view their sales by different source locations.

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How can we remove items given as gifts from our sales reports?

Like most DTC brands, Hayley Menzies works with influencers, therefore gifted items would inevitably show up in their Shopify sales reports. They use Airboxr to automatically filter out any orders tagged as gifts, to keep their sales reporting tidy.

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Salima Nadira

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Salima is Head of Product Marketing at Airboxr. She works with leading DTC brands to help them make sense of their data for better decision-making. She is also a professional musician with an avid following on Spotify.

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