Track your Google Ads ad performance daily.

Track your Google Ads ad performance daily.



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on the Shopify App Store

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14-day free trial

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This is a report on the performance of ads from Google Ads on a daily basis within the specified time. It shows you all the daily key performance metrics of your ads at a glance. It is important to know that Performance Max campaigns are not included in this report.

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How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Daily Performance Monitoring: Daily tracking of key performance metrics enables e-commerce stores to monitor the real-time performance of their Google Ads. This is crucial for identifying sudden changes in metrics, understanding the impact of external factors, and making timely adjustments to campaign strategies.

  2. Click-Through Rate (CTR) Optimization: CTR is a key metric that reflects the percentage of users who click on the ad after seeing it. E-commerce stores can analyze CTR to assess the relevance and appeal of their ad creatives and copy. Ads with higher CTRs are likely to resonate well with the target audience, while lower CTRs may indicate a need for creative refinement.

  3. Cost Per Action Management: Average CPC and Cost Per Purchase Conversion provide insights into the cost incurred for each click and conversion on the ad. E-commerce stores can use this metric to manage and optimize their advertising budget. Monitoring cost-per-action metrics helps in understanding the cost efficiency of ads and adjusting bidding strategies to ensure that advertising costs align with the desired budget constraints.

  4. Seasonal Campaign Adjustments: Daily monitoring of ads performance is essential for identifying seasonal trends. E-commerce stores can observe fluctuations in metrics and make adjustments to campaigns based on seasonal variations in user behavior and market dynamics.

In This Report


  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

  • Average Cost-per-Click (CPC)

  • Cost

  • All Conversions

  • Purchase Conversions

  • Purchase Conversions Value

  • View Through Conversions

  • Cost per Purchase Conversion

  • Purchase Conversions %

Grouped By

  • Date

  • Campaign Name

  • Ad Group Name

  • Ad Name

Additional parameters

  • Campaign State

  • Campaign Type

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