Consolidate marketing KPIs for your DTC store

Consolidate marketing KPIs for your DTC store



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on the Shopify App Store

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14-day free trial

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This Hop gives you a 360-degree view of your marketing channels' performance, covering Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and Google Analytics. It analyzes and combines your data from different channels to deliver a complete picture of your digital marketing efforts.

The report is structured for ease of navigation, ensuring that you can quickly find the information you're looking for and make informed decisions accordingly.


How to use this Hop.

Simply create an Airboxr account and connect your Shopify store to automatically run this export/analysis for your store. If you already have an account, click on the Add to my Collection button above.

  1. Holistic Performance Evaluation: Gain a complete overview of marketing channel effectiveness. Evaluate the collective impact of advertising efforts on revenue, customer acquisition, and website traffic. Identify overall strengths and weaknesses to make informed strategic decisions.

  2. Resource Allocation and Budgeting: Determine the most profitable marketing channels. Allocate marketing budgets based on data-driven insights to maximize ROI. Focus resources on high-performing channels while optimizing or reevaluating strategies for less effective ones.

  3. Conversion Rate Optimization: Utilize transaction data to assess conversion rates across channels. Identify conversion bottlenecks and optimize the sales funnel. Implement A/B testing and other conversion rate optimization techniques to enhance overall conversion rates and boost revenue.

  4. Campaign Effectiveness and Iterative Improvement: Evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns as a whole. Identify successful campaign elements and apply them across different channels. Continuously monitor campaign performance, apply iterative improvements, and test new strategies to enhance overall marketing effectiveness.

  5. In-Depth Analysis of Customer Behavior: Utilize Google Analytics 4 data to gain insights into user behavior, including bounce rates, sessions, and transactions per session. By understanding how visitors interact with your website, you can quickly identify website content issues and implement changes to enhance engagement and encourage conversions.

In This Report


  • Users

  • New Users

  • Sessions

  • Bounce Rate

  • Transaction per Session

  • Revenue

  • Total Orders

  • New Customer Orders

  • Returning Customer Orders

  • Average Order Value (AOV)

  • New Customers

  • Returning Customers

  • Total Spend

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • Cost per Click (CPC)

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

  • Clicks

  • Cost per Mille (CPM)

  • Conversion Rate

Grouped By

  • Google Analytics

  • Shopify

  • Google Ads

  • Google Performance Max Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • TikTok Ads

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