Why do my Facebook reports no longer run?

Some background information, and how to reconnect your Facebook data source.

Salima Nadira



If you no longer see your Facebook data or reports in Airboxr, it's likely because your Facebook access token has expired, which means Airboxr is no longer able to pull the data for your Facebook reports.

Facebook allows a 60-day access token for pulling data into other destinations, such as your spreadsheet. No worries, though - you simply need to reconnect your Facebook source, and your reports will run as per normal.

To reconnect, log in to Airboxr. You should see a notification on the left sidebar; click Fix Now.

Facebook reports in Airboxr may stop running due to the expiration of the Facebook access token, which is valid for 60 days. To resolve this, simply reconnect your Facebook source in Airboxr by logging in and following the notification prompt in the sidebar to renew the token.

You'll see a popup window appear with instructions to continue with your current Facebook login credentials. Click Continue.

That's it!

Your Facebook access token expires every 60 days, so 10 days before then you will start to see the notification on your left sidebar. Simply connect again from there; otherwise, we'll send you an email once your token expires.