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Build your revenue strategy.

Whether you are getting started with your D2C brand or trying to improve your current data infrastructure, use these resources to build a revenue strategy for your brand.

Build your strategy

Meant for new founders and marketing leaders, these resources help you build your revenue strategy.

  • Learn how to create your data infrastructure.
  • Identify the right metrics to track.
  • Conduct the right customer and marketing analysis.

Get tactical advice

Meant for founders, and marketing- and revenue-managers to help streamline their daily tasks.

  • Learn how to leverage spreadsheets for daily work.
  • Use advanced formulas and tricks to manipulate data.
  • Learn D2C analytics concepts like cohort- and RFM-analysis.

10 data automation reports for faster business decisions

Automate your analysis today. Save one day a week.


How Death Wish Coffee ranked #1 on Google using how-to's and un-branded keywords

Integrate SEO and keyword awareness at every level and let the search engines do the work for you.


Analytics for agencies: how to create analytics for your clients.

Providing the right data and insights to your Shopify clients can help build trust in the relationship. Here we discuss how you can set up analytics the right way without breaking the bank.


How to calculate LTV for your Shopify store.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is the total revenue that a customer will generate for a business during their entire relationship with that business. Learn how you can measure and improve this metric.


Shopify vs Amazon: which platform should you choose for your store? 

Launching an online store has never been easier. But building an online business is tough—selecting the right platform can be critical to the future of your company.


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