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Build your revenue strategy.

Whether you are getting started with your D2C brand or trying to improve your current data infrastructure, use these resources to build a revenue strategy for your brand.

Build your strategy

Meant for new founders and marketing leaders, these resources help you build your revenue strategy.

  • Learn how to create your data infrastructure.
  • Identify the right metrics to track.
  • Conduct the right customer and marketing analysis.

Get tactical advice

Meant for founders, and marketing- and revenue-managers to help streamline their daily tasks.

  • Learn how to leverage spreadsheets for daily work.
  • Use advanced formulas and tricks to manipulate data.
  • Learn D2C analytics concepts like cohort- and RFM-analysis.

Learn from the best

Learn how high-growth D2C startups have leveraged data, performance marketing, and community to build their business for success.

  • Check out how Death Wish Coffee benefited from focusing on how-to content.
  • Understand how Talley & Twine used Shopify's Google Channel App to reach broader audiences.

What is Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) and how to make better decisions with it?

Marketing Efficiency Ratio measures how many marketing dollars you need to spend to get $100 in sales. Learn how to use this in your decision-making.


How Death Wish Coffee ranked #1 on Google using how-to's and un-branded keywords

Integrate SEO and keyword awareness at every level and let the search engines do the work for you.


Three growth strategies by BrüMate to reach $100m in five years

Read about how serial entrepreneur Dylan Jacob combined a passion for invention with these strategies for rapid growth.


How to measure retention performance on your Shopify store through cohort analysis

Learn how to create and read a cohort analysis for customer retention.


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